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It's new! It's tasty! Go look!

I know what you're thinking. You're thinking, "Boy, the world could really use another website. There's just not enough out there right now, and I'm feeling unfulfilled."

Okay, so maybe you're not thinking that. And maybe the world doesn't really need another website.

But this isn't just any new website. This is a sensory explosion of beauty, passion and color wrapped up in an efficient 5-7-5 line structure. Lush photos. Tasty haiku. And a new post every week. What's not to like?

Haiku Lunchbox

It's Haiku Lunchbox, and you should go over there right now and add it to your RSS or Google Reader or bookmarks or whathave you so you don't miss out on the tastiness to come.

Guaranteed delight or your money back.

Meanwhile, this site will be featuring some tasty recipe stuff this week, including a high-stakes barbecue sauce throwdown. Excitement... stay tuned!

Miss Ginsu

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Mystery Macro: What is It?

I found this in my kitchen recently and was moved to snap a shot. It's kind of creepy and lovely at the same time, don't you think?

Post a note in the comments if you have a guess about what it is.

I'll let you know the answer tomorrow.

Miss Ginsu

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FoodLink Roundup: 03.31.08

Link Roundup
Last week, Cupcake was dining at the Minnesota State Fair. Where in the world is Cupcake this week? Think you know? Post it in the comments.

What Was Lost
A long-lost French grape is rediscovered 150 years later in a far-away land under an assumed name. Danger! Intrigue! (via WineHazard.com)

Italy roiled by a cheese scare
Not the cheese, Gromit!

Diet pill’s icky side effects keep users honest
So it's come to this...

TeaMap: Tea Room Directory
Looking for tea while you roam? Look no further!

Skipping Breakfast and Packing on Pounds
More research news that really should come as no surprise: brekkie is the most important meal of the day.

Ten Tastiest Food Photography Tips
This piece presents really silly copy, but the tips are good advice whether you're a full-on food blogger or just a food fanatic.

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Mowing the Kiwifruit


Yes... I realize I've been a negligent blogger. There have been technical issues.

I'll be chewing on the web again next week — but in the meantime you must-must-must go see this ever-so-cute French foodporn site.

Tiny people excavating watermelon seeds!

Itty-bitty astronauts exploring the rocky surface of a crème brulée!

Lilliputian workers mowing the kiwifruits! Swoon!

Step up and see all that (and more) right here: Minimiam

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Gratuitous Frisee Action

No legitimate reason for this post. I just love looking at frisee.

It's a silly, fuzzy muppet in a world of staid veggies like endive, arugula and romaine, and its mere existence makes me happy.

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