Miss Ginsu & Cupcake

MissGinsu.com is written, photographed and designed by Miss Ginsu, who lives in a Greenpoint, Brooklyn apartment with a small kitchen and a view that looks out on a green lawn with a magnolia tree.

Occasionally seen on TV, Miss G has also been quoted chatting about foodstuffs in publications such as Salon.

When she's not cooking, baking, eating or sharpening her knives, the real-life Miss Ginsu likes to bike, run, videotape stuff, nap, prune city trees, draw pictures, take pictures, tend the houseplants, devise ways to take over the world, watch movies and go to the farmer's market.

Cupcake enjoys eating, napping, yoga, mixed martial arts and classic literature, particularly Jorge Luis Borges.

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Here are a few lovely things people have said about this site:
"Super-cute site with handy graph for the salad-challenged among us." —cheaphealthygood.blogspot.com

"Miss Ginsu reminds us to eat well, even when our belts are tight. A blog after our own heart, with an amazingly yummy sounding recipe for Roasted Veggie Salad..." —www.theguerrillagourmet.com

"She spent nine months making salads professionally and has created a helpful chart listing eight popular varieties of salads and their individual components. What's so great about her guide is that it not only tells you what goes into these salads, but it tries to help you start to understand what makes a good salad so that you can branch off and create new salads of your own..." —Slashfood.com

"Foodbloggess extraordinaire Miss Ginsu has combined two of the greatest food inventions ever into one delectable treat: bacon and cake..." —AmericanMadness.com

"Impossibly sharp foodblogger Miss Ginsu e-mailed Slice yesterday, alerting us to the following event. Thanks to her, we're happy to point you to the..." —slice.seriouseats.com
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