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I've seen a few cake toppers in my time, but I just had to share these candy ones that were recently in the photo studio on the way to their cake-top destiny — they're just so supercute:

Bride and Groom Cake Topper Front

Bride and Groom Cake Topper Back

That bouquet is particularly great, isn't it?

They're made to resemble the sister and new brother in law of my coworker Suzy Hotrod.

And as Ms. Hotrod points out, it's kind of hilarious that they're made to fit together perfectly, but it also looks like he's patting her bum from the back view. Completely unintentional I'm sure, but still funny.

The sculptor is Gotham Girl Roller Derby menace Miss Beatrix Slaughter, and of course the photography is by the über-talented Suzy Hotrod herself.

If you or someone you know are gettin' hitched sometime soon, you can drop Slaughter a note at her real-life gmail digs. Her handle is zklogan.

I know I've been a bad blogger (bad blogger! no cookie for you!), but I'll be back on the web soon with some smokin' recipe action.

Miss Ginsu

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