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Zen and the Art of Blog Maintenance

I used to reluctantly admit to food blogging as though I were revealing a shameful secret. "Um, well, yes... I write. Online. It's, you know, a kind of journal. Yes, I did go to journalism school. I suppose it is kind of like a blog. Okay, fine... It's a .. (food blog)."

I mean, even the word itself has a certain embarrassing mouthfeel to it. Blog. It's sort of damp and heavy, isn't it?

But after four years of doing this, I think I've mostly gotten over the online stigma.

Aside from 100% searchability (thanks, Google!) I think the major advantage that food blogging has over traditional food journalism is the interlinked relationships made possible through comment systems, links and forums. An online recipe (or article) isn't necessarily the static, stand-alone work of yesteryear. Nowadays, the reader is empowered (nay, encouraged!) to be more active, to immediately offer up variations, suggestions, compliments and comparisons.

Last week, the lovely Adrianna over at What I Made for Dinner bestowed a "Blogging With A Porpoise Purpose" award on this here blog.

It's very sweet, but I'll admit that I do fear online awards. Such a thing arrives at the doorstep with a grinning, gap-teethed face and a fist full of fresh responsibility. In the best-case scenario, the recipient is supposed to, in turn, bestow the award on deserving others. There's so much pressure there. What if I wrongly bestow? What if I neglect a deserving candidate?

Rather than weight anyone down with duty, I'd like to send the love without the obligation. For those who want the award, it's yours. I feel that anyone who takes the time and energy to regularly blog is driven by a purpose.

Meanwhile, as anyone who peruses food blogs very well knows, there's all kinds of luscious food blogs out there and very limited internet hours in the week.

Just like everyone else, I try to keep tabs on the big dogs of the food blog world: Chowhound, Serious Eats, Grub Street, 101 Cookbooks, Orangette, Delicious Days, The Kitchn, Eater, Chez Pim... It's a mighty reading list.

I can't read everything, but here's some of what's new-ish and tasty in my RSS:

The Guerrilla Gourmet
New blog on the block. Love the design. Love the mission.

White on Rice Couple
A lush garden, a motorcycle and the gorgeous California landscape. Always a treat to see what these kids are up to.

Food for the Thoughtless
A San Francisco food blog with bite.

Wine Hazard
To hell with Parker. Eric Hazard reviews the wines I can actually afford.

What I Made for Dinner
Adrianna describes Brooklyn motherhood and food exploration in all its harrowing, hilarious detail.

Twenty Bucks a Day
Mike Lee is trying to eat at every restaurant on the Village Voice's Cheap Chow Now list (2005). Bonne chance, Mike.

Baking Blondie
A sweet, ambitious 15-year-old food blogger with baking skillz and a good lookin' dog.


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Blogger Yvo said...

Congrats!!! And wow, 4 years! :)

PS And yea, even though I find myself hardly embarrassed by the multitude of things I do that are highly embarrassing to admit to, food blogging is one of those things I mumble quickly. I don't know why. I WANT people to visit my site, but I really don't like the stigma I feel, the judgment pouring from people once I admit to it...
Funny enough, recently I was at yet another birthday meal for someone and I was taking my pictures and someone said "How many photos of food do you think you have?" and at another meal before that, same group of friends but another person, had asked "What do you do with the photos?" These are people who have known me for 5+ years that I don't talk to every day but see often for birthdays etc. so I was really surprised to discover... no one in that group really knew why I took pictures of my meals. Haha... I had to tell them I have a food blog, which I SWEAR I thought they KNEW. Hahaha.

Blogger Adriana Velez said...

How did I miss this post?

Yeah, I think the awards are kind of silly but I do like that it gives us a chance to tell other readers about blogs we like.


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