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Happy Blogiversary!

In lieu of Food Quote Friday today, this website is celebrating its 4th birthday. Yay!

Started off under the name "The Hedonista," this blog began with a silly gush of praise over Fage Yogurt. But over the years since, it's come to mean a great deal more to me.

These days, I get the biggest thrill from being able to explore all the weird and wonderful things that food brings into a life. And I get to share with and learn from all sorts of people across the web that I'd never meet otherwise.

From fellow food bloggers to random readers, you folks brighten my days. So, thanks. Thanks to everyone who's ever stopped by. Thanks to those who comment and those who link over here. You make the world seem like a small, friendly place that's filled with interested and interesting people.

Miss Ginsu

If you've been reading all along (hi, mom!) you've probably seen most everything that's come across the screen hereabouts. If not, you might have missed a thing or two. Herein, you'll find the Best of Miss Ginsu, as determined by reader visits and links.

Happy blogiversary to me and Cupcake, and also to you, dear reader.


The Best of 2008 (so far)
Bacon + Cake = Yay!... The infamous and strangely tasty bacon cake.
On Bread (and Butter) Alone... A survey of 9 butters and 1 sick food blogger.
April Fish!... In which we explore the wacky history of fishes and April 1.
Bacon + Cake = Yay!... It's far better than you'd think.
The Donut Wars... Because my donut is not necessarily your donut.
Beans on Toast Strike Back... A recipe for homemade tomatoed beans.
I Drink Your Milkshake... I do. I drink it up.
Wild Rice for Breakfast... A porridge worth waking up for.
A Revised Food Pyramid... Because the USDA could make a few adjustments.
Unlock the Salad Code... The secrets of the professional garde manger.
New Year Dog Biscuits... For four-legged friends.

The Best of 2007
The World's Lunchboxes... To-go, the world over.
Hot Artichoke Dip... Because everyone needs delicious hot dip recipe.
The Ginger Toddy... It cures what ails yeh.
The Yule Log Cake... It's a log! It's a cake! It's a log cake!
Make Your Own Bitters... In which we find out how easy (and pretty homemade bitters are.
Your Own Vinaigrette... In which we explore dressings.
A Spot of Chai... A nice method for homemade chai masala.
Sugarplums!... Yes, they do dance in my head.
Merry Citrus!... And a Fruitful New Year!
A Tale of 3 Ramen... Three great ramen shops. No weird little seasoning packets.
The Cookies of the Dead... Why Day of the Dead is cooler than Halloween.
The Power Smoothie... A power breakfast evolves.
Top-10 Real Workout Foods... Energy from natural sources. Like your kitchen.
Friday Food Quotes... Great minds, great mouths, great quotes.
The Gastrognomes!... Because Minneapolis doesn't suck.
In Space, No One Can Hear You Wretch... Why is space food so unappetizing?
Chocolate Daim Cakes... Why should IKEA have all the fun?

The Best of 2004-2006
Podunk: A Nook for Tea & Decorum... In which we explore a mysterious tea shop.
Thinking Outside The Cave... A consideration of the original pasta primavera.
Tools Make the Chef... Tips on the kitchen essentials.
Tomato + Watermelon = Friends Forever... It's a soup! It's a salad!
The Foodie's Apocalypse Kit... In which we explore better options for our Emergency Stashes.
Happy National Tortilla Chip Day... Because everyone loves a good food holiday.
Desktop Panini 101... In which we discover the secrets of desktop dining.
Garlic Challenge: Part II... In which we enjoy "bona calda."
Cold Comfort... In which we discuss the cooling refreshment of horchata.

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Anonymous BS said...

Congrats! Four years, very impressive!

Blogger Tif said...

Congratulations! I absolutely adore your blog, its a big inspiration for mine. Hopefully you can wish us happy four years one day! Of course then you'll be eight years old...but don't worry we wont tease you for being elderly! Just kidding. Keep up all of you great work!


Anonymous ndb said...

congratulations! great blog, i read it everyday.

Blogger Eric Hazard said...

Despite the best attempts of an evil corporate conglomorate, you've managed to soldier on. Well done.


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