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FoodLink Roundup: 05.05.08

Cupcake's Link Roundup
Last week, Cupcake was located at the Sculpture Garden in Minneapolis, MN, scoring a hat trick for Hazard on correct guesses. Where in the world is Cupcake this week? Wager a guess in the comments.

The Pie-tini Club
Old-school food vice: The Grateful Palate features a triple-threat of Pie, Cocktails and Cynicism.

30 Days to a Green Your Diet
I'm a bit suspicious of a few of these. (Replace all your spices? Good advice, but is it really greener?)

Do you need to stock up the bunker?
"New survivalists do not look like Rambo." The rise of the urban liberal survivalist.

Can't bear to walk a few blocks to your CSA drop site? Now there's a veggie box for the lazy.

Reformulated Oreo Scores in China
Make your product something the locals like. Seems like a big *duh* once you see the solution.

To Save a Species, Get People to Eat It
We need to save the Waldoboro green neck rutabaga for the name alone.

The days of uninformed seafood dining draw to a close.

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Blogger Eric Hazard said...

I fear my win streak is in great peril.

Ummmmm.....Iowa State Fair?

Anonymous A Cold, Cruel Beast said...

Red Hook Ball Fields?


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