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Goal 7: Make a Date with a Fish

In my experience, there's a lot of things the experts recommend for good health, but those things don't happen if you don't schedule them and/or make them into habits. Or, maybe more precisely, they do happen, but the occurrences are sporadic.

The thought here is simple: If you want to make good health a priority, you need to make space for it. On your calendar. With a pen.

Fish, for example, is recommended by nutritionists as part of a healthy diet, but how often do you manage to work it into your meals?

trout duxelles
Trout duxelles with roasted fingerling potatoes

J and I have a running date with a fish every week (a threesome, if you will) for Fish & Film Friday. The Netflix show up, one of us brings the fish and we share a healthy habit that sticks... week after week.

Need to work in more leafy greens? Figure out a Swiss Chard Saturday and a Turnip Greens Tuesday. Want to start taking a multivitamin? You'll have better luck making that habit stick if you attach it to something else you already do each day.

The Mailman School of Public Health at Columbia had a similar idea when they started their Healthy Monday project (aka "The Day All Health Breaks Loose"). What if each and every Monday of every week became the day to start and sustain healthy behavior?

Any goal becomes more real when you make it a concrete part of your life and your calendar. Set up salad time. Invite oatmeal along to cawfee tawk. Make a date with a cabbage. Share your Friday with a fish.

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Blogger Anna E said...

I completely agree-- goals need to be size and time appropriate-- it's so much easier to stick with something if you have it marked in your calendar or designated for a certain day of the week, especially if it's a manageable goal. The Meatless Monday campaign (www.meatlessmonday.org) that I volunteer with is very similar to the Columbia project you mentioned. Cutting back on meat and high-fat dairy products is not only a good way to cut calories – it's an easy way to live a healthier life. Cutting back just 15% (or one day out of seven) is enough to reduce your risk of heart disease, diabetes, stroke, and cancer. By setting simple goals and providing tons of recipes and info on alternative sources of protein helps support the kinds of healthier habits you're promoting!


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