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Goal 6: Unlock the Salad Code

My boss loves it when I make salads for our department lunches. He's not really into vegetables (he usually claims his favorite veggie is either the potato or the onion), so it's kind of a nice compliment when he takes a big portion of salad.

I find it disturbing, however that he believes there's some kind of magic behind making a good salad. Shouldn't a set of basic salad skills be one of the rights and responsibilities befitting a modern citizen? (Just behind the our rights to participatory government and free speech, of course.)

Salads shouldn't be relegated to the corner as "virtuous" food alongside culinary misfits like alfalfa sprouts, rutabaga and wheat germ.

Though they invariably contain heaps of healthful vegetables, salads are often quite fatty. In my book, salads really have more in common with the food of jubilation than the food of deprivation.

Granted, while I worked in a garde manger position, I did spend nine months of my life doing little more than making salads at high speed. One could say I have a certain expertise in the area.

The thing is, most people have been buffaloed into believing salads are not only virtuous but maybe even difficult.

I'm here to tell you it's not true, and I'll prove it with an infographic. Whee!

I've broken down some popular salads based on their major components. You'll note that the pattern is pretty easy to follow...
    1. Take a bowl of the lettuce of your choice.
    2. Sprinkle on a sweetly savory component, such as roasted red peppers or cherry tomatoes.
    3. Chop up an herbaceous component.
    4. Add crumbled/diced cheese or boiled egg.
    5. If you wish, add cooked beans or a diced protein.
    6. Dress with a harmonious vinaigrette.
    7. Toss and serve.

Salad Chart

Just remember... every salad you make is an opportunity for a party on your plate.

Miss any of the previous resolutions? You'll find #1, #2, #3, #4 & #5 linked here.

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Blogger Melissa said...

I think salads are not only one of the easiest meals to make, but also one of the most freeing. It's fun to just see what I have on hand and throw it together! This morning I put the following together for my dinner - spring mix, crumbled leftover bacon, feta cheese, a healthy dose of pepper, and sliced almonds! Maybe it will suck, but maybe it will be awesome! Time will tell.

Anonymous Is this a stupid question? said...

Do you really use wine as a dressing? Or do you mean red wine vinaigre? I'm curious to know since the idea of plain wine is interesting, never heard of it before.

Blogger MissGinsu said...

Not a stupid question, but an appropriate criticism on the shorthand I used in the graphic above. You're right. Straight red wine is not generally used in a dressing. I'll see if I can squeeze vinaigrette in those tiny squares somehow...

Anonymous oatmeal cookie guy said...

Holy cow! This is a really useful grid. I'm totally bookmarking this page.


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