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A year of food, G-Cal style

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It's 46°F in New York City, and I just watched a guy walk down the street in a tank top and running shorts. Nevertheless, I'm feeling some holiday spirit. (Of course, that might just be the whiskey in my eggnog.)

As my gift to all y'all, I've compiled the US Food Holidays list in an ever-available, easy-to-install Google Calendar format.

Now you'll know the appropriate day to celebrate pigs in a blanket (inexplicably, it's April 24) and the proper night to sneak zucchini onto your neighbor's porch (August 8, naturally). Together we can all puzzle over the meaning of Cheese Sacrifice Purchase Day or Ice Cream and Violins Day.

A few caveats: This won't work with non-Google calendars. I've not included the national food months (too cumbersome), and I really have no way to verify the dates, so if you have quibbles about whether Lemon Cupcake Day is really on December 15 or not, I'm not sure we can really resolve the issue with complete accuracy. Therefore, take these with the proverbial grain of salt. They're just for fun.

Ready to install? Click the cute little button below, or search for "US food holidays" in your Google Calendar.

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