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Food Quote Friday: Parisian Street Hawkers

Brassica capitata alba, et viridis = Cauolo Bolognese = Chou
Brassica capitata alba, et viridis = Cauolo Bolognese = Chou from the rich files of the NYPL Digital Gallery

"Choux gelées, les bons chou gelées!
Ils sont plus tendres que rosée,
Ils sont crû parmi les poirées
Et n'ont jamais été grêlées!"

"Frozen cabbages, good frozen cabbages!
They are more tender than the dawn,
They have grown amongst the white beet
And never been struck by hail!"

- Parisian street hawkers' cry, circa 1220-1900 (via the Larousse Gastronomique, of course)

More tender food quotes may be found here.

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