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Deck the halls with... groceries

I'm sticking around New York this year for the holidays, but I thought I'd post this series I took a couple of years ago at the South Dakota state capitol building.

They go all out there with the decorated trees. Local schools, boy scout troops, philanthropic organizations and fraternal clubs rally their resources to put up a pine and adorn it with homespun ornamentation. If you're thinking, "Gosh, that sounds ever-so Norman Rockwell," you're on the right track.

Here's a quick virtual tour via photo essay that, of course, can't really hint at the pine-resin breeze or compare with the twinkling splendor of the genuine article.

In keeping with my personal obsession, I've focused on the food-related aspects.

Here's hoping you get some time off for feasting and festing. Enjoy your holidays!

SD State Capitol Display
The overview from the balcony

Marshmallow Man
Do you know the marshmallow man?

Wooden spoon cat
Apparently, wooden spoons were meant to be cats. This explains why they turn out to be such crappy utensils for eating.

Walnuts and fishing lures
We go together like walnuts and fishing lures, baby.

Dried apples on raffia
Dried apples + raffia = rustic holiday cheer

Santa on a stick
Santa on a stick!

Find heaps of food photos at my flicker page: flickr.com/photos/missginsu

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