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stretching the strudel dough
"stretching the strudel dough" From thisismolly photostream at flickr.

inside of my zucchini strudel
"inside of my zucchini strudel" From thisismolly photostream at flickr.

me and my zucchini strudel
"me and my zucchini strudel" From thisismolly photostream at flickr.

In this edition of Miss Molly's cooking adventures at Montali, a vegetarian restaurant and inn in Umbria, we find Molly making strudel, upsetting the new guy and finding messages from God in the library.

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I only have 6 more days off, which means I only have six weeks left here!
Hurray for me! My first month here, I was pretty sure that I wasn't going to stick it out this far, but I have! A personal triumph in the life of Miss Molly Rebecca Louise Del Monte I.

Life is good. I'm a third of the way into my 6th book this summer, i've seen Seasons 1-4 of the Golden Girls twice, and I can confidently say i've kicked my addiction to the internet.

I had this cool idea to do a slideshow on making a strudel, but flickr.com puts pictures in any order it wants. So if you want to see a tired Molly with black circles under her eyes, you can check them out.

Here's the newest members of the cast:

Sondra: she is from Ecuador originally, but now lives in Perugia while she is not residing at Montali. She is really really great and I'm excited that I can speak Spanish with her, though my Spanish and Italian are starting to get mixed up. But I like to stay in practice. She works really, really hard and does a really good job. By the way, she cleans rooms and does dishes and helps clean the kitchen. In my imagination, she will be part of my restaurant dream team, along with Tan Tan and Chi Chi and How How (to be diplomatic where I cannot!).

Judit: she is this tiny girl from Hungary who also now lives in Perugia. She helps clean rooms, does miscellanous work, and serves on Jaro's nights off. She speaks okay English, fluent Italian, has a lisp and shakes like a leaf whenever anyone speaks to her. I resist the urge to cradle her in my arms and tell her it's going to be okay because she is the sweetest thing I've ever seen.

And last but certainly not least is: Janko. He is the third and final Slovakian who has worked at Montali for the past five years. He just arrived from London where he was working in a high-volume restaurant where the majority of the food was heat and serve. He hated it, so after six months he called up Alberto and asked if he could come back for the season. While i find it difficult to talk with him (because of accents, important voice inflictions etc.) he is a really great cook and I'm glad he's there because experience-wise it puts me in the middle, and that is where i want to be in any restaurant. That way, I can always have someone to learn from (chef excluded, of course).

Anyway, I told him last night that I was really glad he was there because he works really fast and good and does everything everything everything without being asked or complaining about it and that I appreciated it. Janko is the serious cook I aspire to be. Back to my point though, I told him that and either he thought I was being sarcastic or something got lost in translation. I tried to explain myself but it was one of those times that the more you explained, the worse it got. So I just shut up.

While I was searching the Montali library for a book to read, I came across a 2004 Lonely Planet guide for New York City. I flipped it open to a page with a picture of Greenwich Village! It was my neighborhood! My heart soared! I found a map in the book and I showed everyone where I lived. It was probably silly to them, but I was so excited to see it. Like God's way of telling me I'm almost there! I stayed up most of the night reading the guide's pages to the culture, history, fashion and dining etiqutte of New Yorkers. So I guess technically I'm a third of the way through my SEVENTH book. God I love that town!

Not too much exciting news in this update, nor have I had any epiphonies since the last time, but there you go.

Ciao regazzi belli!

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