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Missives from Miss Molly: Siestas and Salty Snacks

pancetta e pecorino
pancetta e pecorino from thisismolly on Flickr.

More from Miss Molly, a young American cook working at a vegetarian restaurant and inn in Umbria. Today: cloned cookies, cured meats and the siesta report.

Last week I ate meat for the first time since I've been in Umbria.... check my photos out. I had this crostini with pancetta and pecorino.... I'm not sure if it was really good or if I was starving for protein, but it was amazing. Umbria has a special pasta called umbricielle [sic] and it's sort of like hand-rolled spaghetti, but a lot thicker. It has great texture and I loved it. The bread here is not made with salt, and while it's a little weird at first, but I find that by the time I finished eating whatever it is I was eating with bread, I feel strangely satisfied and I think I might like it that way.

Another thing I've found I enjoy here are these snacks by the brand Mulino Bianco. I think Barilla puts it out. There are a million little sweet chocolate pastry things you can buy, but after trying a chunk of them, Eva (my housemate) and I discovered they are all the same thing, just different shapes.

Siesta... it's great in theory, but doesn't fly too well with an American like myself. Just when you get cleaned up from breakfast, all the breads for the day made and just as you start to get on a roll for your production for the day, you have to stop for two hours. We go back to the castle as the entire town of Tavernelle is shut down, so all we can do is nap, read, shower, sit in the blazing hot sun on the lawn/weeds/insect and creepy crawl-y things haven, count the mutant bugs in the apartment or snack on our various Mulino Biancos or cured pork product stashes.

Oh yeah, I had to give up my little room with a phone to move back to the castle. I feel a lot more camaraderie with my fellow employees, having to arrive and leave work with them every morning, siesta and night.

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