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Missives from Miss Molly: Dreams of pulled pork

"Mine's better." From the thisismolly photostream at flickr.

When last we left Miss Molly (a young American cook working at a vegetarian restaurant and inn in Umbria) she was stepping out for cured meats and finding little love for the flow-busting siesta.

In this edition, we find Miss Molly experiencing a not-so-pleasant roomie, an expat Fourth of July and the Italian World Cup victory.

Ciao, My favorite Americans!

Finally got into the swing of things and made nice with Josh, the other American. (We had a rough patch in the beginning, but now I am thankful for everyday he is here.)

They finally hired two more people: one girl who's name is Sara and she is from Pescara(?). I like her a lot. If we could communicate, I think we would be best friends. She inspires me to pick up my "Italian in 10 days" book.

The other girl is Juliette. She is from London. She is also my new housemate. To put nicely what I think about her so far, I'll say this: the upside is I now have a real bed and my own room with a lock.

I have gotten the hang of the recipes and how the chef likes her food to taste and her kitchen run, and also figured out how to find the streamline in a highly disorganized work environment. I started to bitch about it, but instead I told myself (again) "This is a short amount of time.... I'm here to learn how to work in a different type of kitchen."

I'm still making all the breads, which I hope to pass off to Sara. She has made a few and they have turned out to be extraordinary. I also make all the savory doughs. I'm really getting the hang of that, as it is something I feel I struggled with in my last job when I did pastry.

The most exciting things that have happened:
* We got out at 10:25 last night.
* I got to drive Josh to and from Chiusi (where the train station is).
* I have my own bed and bedroom.
* I have earned chef's trust in my cooking ability.
* I have mastered a recipe or two (after cooking them 5 times).
* The chef shook my hand after a really busy night when it was just me and the two new girls (read: Sara and the British monster).

It's pretty lonely out here. Like, I think this is the loneliest I have ever been in my whole life. I'm definitely building relationships, especially with Josh because we don't have to talk loud and slow to each other. But no one has any social time together, unless we want to go to the bar 20 minutes away after work and drink. Not too appealing to me, nor the others as any extra sleep we can get is like gold.

We celebrated the Fourth of July by blowing up a red, a white and a blue balloon. We ate popcorn and drank a beer. (But I dreamed of bbq pulled pork sandwiches. I also dreamed of Aunt Anne's Sonoma County lamb chops with rosemary. And a cheese burger cooked medium with Grafton cheddar. And a Gray's Papaya "Recession Special." And burritos. Mmmmm. Burritos. And Clover Stornetta 2% milk. And Taco Tuesdays. And Sausages with sauerkraut... Oh, sorry. I lost my train of thought.) Anyway that was about as American as we could muster in this place Italians like to call Tavernelle.

The World Cup was celebrated in a way that I have never seen before in my life. everyone was jumping and clapping like... like.... I can't think of an American custom to compare it to. Like the entire country had just won the lottery or something.

I secretly hoped France would win.

2 1/2 more months...

Until next time amici,

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