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The Hedonista Hundred

Saveur magazine is tapping my phone line. I'm sure of it. It's either that, or they bribed my dentist to implant a recording device in one of my molars.

How else could they have known about the The Condiment Packet Museum (check the pantry links), my devotion to Rick's Picks GT1000s, my chef and that avocado salad I made every day for six months of my life at Tabla, the public produce at fallenfruit.org, jacques torres and the Bonnie Slotnick cookbook shop on West 10th. Seriously. They're following me.

Every year Saveur magazine releases yet another edition of the "Saveur 100," a sweeping compendium of food and cooking raves. All of the above make the list, as well as a bunch of other stuff I've only been thinking about. It's creepy. And they do this every year.

I'm starting my own list. A hundred favorite fab food things. Since I'm a staff of one (with a day job and a life), I'll have to publish in smaller quantities... like five at a go.

In the meantime, run run run to your local bookstore and grab the February Saveur. Read about my cookbook shop. Order some GT1000s off the Rick's Picks site. Turn to page 48 to see my avocado salad (well, okay my Chef's avocado salad).

You can even make the recipe. But I'll give you a hint. The one they printed isn't exactly it. It's almost right, but it's just slightly off. You need to toast the cumin and grind it fresh for the best flavor. And to make it really really right, you have to work the garde manger station for a month or so.

In no particular order, 100 things that rock:

The Hedonista Hundred

1. Orangina. That compelling blue label! That refreshing effervescence! That sexy shape!

2. Hot chocolate ... Particularly if it's extra-dark with a hint of heat in the back of the throat.

3. The George Foreman Grill. The pressed sandwich goes portable.

4. The annual Lavazza Calendar of espresso hotness.

5. Fish tacos with micheladas. A ray of sun, a patch of beach and thou.

More wonder and delight to come...



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