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The Hedonista Hundred, pt 2

Continuing my list of 100 fantastic food things, I submit for your approval:

6. Manchego: Tasty, accessible and ever-so versatile. It might be the cheese with which a person could satisfy the "What if you could only have one cheese for the rest of your life?" question.

7. Redhots! The cinnamon candy classic becomes the high point of a handful of memories revolving around clumsily hand-glued shoeboxes bulging full of thin paper valentines (begrudgingly delivered by classmates who were forced to distribute one to everyone... even the homely little girls at which they normally threw iceballs).

8. Is there anything finer than the friendly, accomodating market-driven neighborhood bistro that never lets you down? Maybe it's the the same bistro that also serves a tongue-tickling sticky toffee pudding — hot and chewy (with just the right amount of sweetness), drizzled in buttery fresh caramel and garnished with sautéed banana slices. Yeah, I guess that's just a bit finer, isn't it?

9. Mediterranean Yogurt: So this is how yogurt is supposed to taste! I remember I used to sneak into the pastry walk-in 'fridge (in a restaurant I worked in) to peel the lid off the 3-gallon bin of mediterranean yogurt. I'd grab dates from the big bag on the top shelf, dip them in the yogurt and hum with pleasure over the combination of rich, creamy sweetness. I'm sure the health department (and my chef) would not have approved, making the flavor somehow sweeter.

10. I'm oh-so mad for pickles. Pickled ramps, pickled lotus root, pickled carrots, pickled watermelon rind, pickled green tomatoes, pickled green beans, pickled peppers (a peck!), pickled cabbage, oshiko and kimchi... What a brilliant way to preserve! What a delicious accent to salads, sandwiches and cheese plates! What a succulent midnight refrigerator raid!



Anonymous Unca' said...

You're too prolific. I can't steal that fast.


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