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Hey, Hey, Babycakes!


Aw! A cupcake mosaic on the front stoop of that spanking-new Lower East Side bakery! Adorable.

Oh! The pretty shopgirls all wear obscenely cute candy-striped pink pinafores. Sweet!

Whoah! Vegan? Really? No, wait... Not just vegan but sugar-free, gluten-free and all-natural? Daaaamn!


Yes, my LES operative reports that the mint-lemonade is refreshing, the lemon cake is tasty and the menu is... well, confusing.

Imagine! A whole shop filled with baked goods whipped up with no cream, no refined sugar, no eggs, no white flour and no butter. In short, a traditionally-trained pastry chef's worst nightmare.

And yet... they have muffins. They have poundcakes. They presumably have cupcakes. So what do they use to construct their sweet treats?

J. reports it's spelt and garbanzo flour sweetened with things like fresh, farmers' market fruits (local peaches, for example).

He's sworn to eat his way through their menu for the sake of science (and those friendly gals in candy-striped aprons). Brave man. We await his report.

248 Broome St.
(btwn Ludlow and Orchard)

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Blogger felicia said...

I HEART babycakes :)! Their carrot muffins flavored with guava necter are to die for. I was just there yesterday!!! :)
cheers, felicia

Blogger Mona said...

cool haven't heard of that one yet. found your site off of ismyblogburning. seems we're neighbors!
will be checking in more often!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

i first heard of babycakes through your blog. while i have still not managed to visit the bakery itself, the owner gave a demonstration (and sample) at the NYC Chocolate Show.

I purposely went to see her due to your blog posting...the verdict on the cupcake sample: absolutely amazing!!!

And I am not a vegetarian.


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