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Yes, you really do want this.

Would a ceviche in the light of bright day tickle the palate so sweetly?

Presenting... the evening's hand-written menu, deftly snatched up and tucked away by my delightful dining companion.

Charmingly erratic capitalization and punctuation left intact. My own garden-variety dining annotation included.

The Queen's Hideaway
DINNER: August 26, 2005

1. TART: crab and corn custard with side of smoked cherry tomatoes; bush basil. 12 (ed note: Sprinkled with rock salt. The smoked tomatoes made the dish.)
2. Albacore Tuna ceviche with Avocado, currant tomato & fresh fried tortilla. 12 (ed note: As seen in the photo above. These folks are not afraid of the pepper grinder. Very nicely seasoned.)
3. BBQ Italian Sausage with Flaky Biscuits and savory summer berry compote. 11
4. Buttermilk & chive marinated Flounder fillet, coated in cornmeal & fried. With hushpuppies, coleslaw & hideaway hot sauce. 12
5. Fried chicken/salt potato Salad on a bed of mesculin(sic). Sides: sauteed okra & sweet sweet Melon. 11

1. Peaches roasted in duck confit with triple-cream KNNiK(?) cheese. Yes, you really do want this. 5 (ed note: oh.god.yes. But why only half a peach? Still... heavenly.)
2. Heirloom cucumber salad with vinegar & dill. 4
3. White corn on the cob. With butter. 2
4. Bobolink diary stinky cheese plate with chicken paté & beautiful seedless grapes. 5 (ed note: Holy cats! Ah do loves me some stinky cheese!)
5. Jersey maers with butter, chives & sea salt. 3

1. Golden Peach & Raspberry Pie 5 (ed note: None left. A deep sadness, indeed.)

1. Coconut/Lime Soda 3

[The Queen's Hideaway has A Bottle Fee (ed note: endearingly scribbled heart appears here) ]

The Queen's Hideaway
222 Franklin St (at Green)
Greenpoint, Bklyn

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