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It's Zagat survey time again, and you know what that means. "Without compensation or attribution" thousands of "New Yorkers" will be submitting their "pithy comments" to the survey in the hope of contributing to the "greater pool of culinary knowledge."

(What a great racket! Anyone wishing to contribute free content to my blog should feel free to do so. I promise to use your work and pay you nothing. But oh! The glory!)

Though the Zagat guides are generally "slow to react" to culinary trends, which seems "antithetical" to the "fast-paced restaurant world" a "lot of people" (restauranteurs and chefs included) continue to consider them an "authoritative guide," at least in terms of marketing and promotion. That's probably why there's now a "Bronx-centric restaurant recognition campaign" spearheaded by "Borough President Adolfo Carrion, Jr."

Although I'm "not nearly as clever," witty or "impossibly sharp" as the "NYC dining collective," I'll include samples of "my own thoughts" on two "local joints."

Bleu Drawes Cafe
Since pierogi-filled Greenpoint is about as far from Jamaica as you can get, Bleu Drawes provides a welcome spice injection with their juicy jerk chicken and a jammin' jerk club. Their signature dessert pudding is a bit of a soggy mess, but then, one doesn't look to Jamaica for the pastries.

Traditionally known more as an overflow recipient of Williamsburg’s hipster bar crowd and the home of line-out-the-door weekend brunch lines, Enid’s year-old “prix fixe” dinner menu dishes up some of the most delightful Southern comfort in the ‘hood. From their sweetly spicy pulled pork to tender blackened catfish sandwiches, every entrée seems cleverly chosen to pair perfectly with beer.

Submit your reviews now, and upon publication, they'll send you your very own shiny, new 2006 Zagat Restaurant Guide in the mail.



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