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The freaks! The filth! The food!

Biggie, Totonno's and the Wonder Wheel all love Coney Island, too.

So, what's the deal with charging for beach access 'round these parts? This is a concept that, as a foreigner in these parts, seems strange to me.

Granted, it does cost something to comb the glass out of the sand and hire the lifeguards. Call me a socialist, but shouldn't beach care fall under the umbrella of some form of government, like for instance, libraries? Like schools? Like health care... oh, not that... I mean... like road maintenance?

Free access to sand and sky and sea. Just one more reason why I love Coney Island.

What are the others? The people watching. Sitting on the boardwalk/beach at Coney is like cruising the aisles at Walmart. The beautiful, the homely, the freaky, the funky. They're all there, walking that boardwalk where the fabulous and frightening have been walking for hundreds of years.

The junkfood. The freakshow. The murals. The mermaids. The burlesque dancers. The wooden roller coaster. The weak beer. The people fishing for crabs off the dock with chunks of raw chicken. The pileup of sand in my belly button. The craziest, scariest carousel I've ever been on. I could go on. I won't. It's trashy. It's edgy. It's wacky. And for the cost of a subway ride, it's mine, all mine.



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