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Perennial Favorite Thing: Jacques Torres

When a guy owns the domain name "MrChocolate.com," he'd better know his chocolate. It's quite a proclamation. He'd better bleed chocolate. When it comes to Jacques Torres, I wouldn't be surprised.

Torres is the jovial sprite often seen on the Food Network forming outrageous containers full of (and constructed with) chocolate. He's a celeb instructor at New York's French Culinary Institute, and he runs a little chocolate factory/chocolate shop/hot chocolate cafe in DUMBO, Brooklyn, with chocolateers he refers to as Oompa-Loompas.

Now, I can't speak to the quality of life as an Oompa-Loompa, and he may, in fact, have some kind of hidden wicked streak, but I adore him for three reasons:

1. Every time I've been to his shop, he's been there -- making chocolate, pouring hot chocolate for customers, and overseeing chocolate production. No posturing, no grandstanding, just down and dirty in the business of making damn fine chocolate. When does he have time to do TV shows and instruction? Who knows? Maybe that factory is reproducing more than just chocolate, if you know what I mean...

2. He's obviously passionate about what he does. The quality of his products, his choice of ingredients, and the way he cares for the process show his deep love of the art. Wouldn't the world be a better place if everyone had the time and ability to excel at something they loved?

3. Those dark-chocolate covered candied ginger chips. I'll openly fess up to my addiction. But I only eat them socially. Never before noon. Never alone. I don't hide them. Well, maybe I do hide them...

Check out the genuine item: MrChocolate.com



Blogger Jéan said...

I happened upon your site and was delighted to find another lover of chocolate and food in general. So I thought I'd introduce myself - I'm Zvi. I do believe I will be visiting here often. So - nice to meet you.


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